Friday, April 8, 2016


Hey guys...
So I have been gone for 2 years from this blog. (Kinda forgot about it)
Well now I am in college and I thought I might get back into blogging.

I am a First Year dance major and I am absolutely loving it. It has been a difficult adjustment but I am loving it. I take 4 ballet classes a week and 3 modern classes, not including other rehearsals for shows.
This was a photo taken from one of my shows recently. We did an adaptation of Giselle 
In addition to being a dance major, I am also going to try and double in biology or take a lot of biology classes since my goal is to be a physical therapist. I think soon I am going to be posting more of my experiences with college auditions last year and what I think about dance majors now. So I guess I will be back soon. 

Stella :)

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