Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014!

So this is what I have decided to do with this blog...I am so sorry for being completely useless on posting...but I think a monthly update is the best thing for me to do.

This year again I went to Nexstar to compete my solo!
I had an amazing time at this competition, unlike last year a lot of my studio went as well.
This was kinda a last min thing for me and I registered like 5 days before I competed.
This was also the first competition of they year!
I got 3rd Overall and I got first runner up for Title :)

I love KAR it is one of my favorite competitions ever!
The only downside to this competition this year was I sprained my ankle again like 3 days before we competed. (I'll go into more detail at the end of the blogpost).
This time my entire studio went and we competed tons of group dances and solos and trios and duets.
Even with a sprained ankle we still managed to do well at KAR.
My group dances got 1st, 3rd, and 4th Overall.
Also my solo got 1st Overall!
I had an amazing day competing.

Carnival of Animals:
So this was a performances for kids in my community.
My studio for the 3rd year was asked to perform with our county symphony for a kids show.
We did the Carnival of Animals and I was the Cuckoo bird as a well as part of the Aviary.
I was planning to do the performance on pointe but my ankle was not strong enough to do it quite yet.

Sprained Ankle:
If you have been reading this blog you will know in October of 2013 I sprained my ankle in ballet class. I just landed it wrong out of a small jump. Well I guess from that I had a weakness in my ankle so right before my competition, in pointe class this time, I sprained it again. I was doing a left leap and just landed on it wrong and kinda fell to the floor. It was bad, I was so freaked out about having to compete and it was terrible. I was probably more sad about no competing than the pain of spraining it. So I iced it and compressed it and rested it and was able to compete. Not going to lie it did not feel good dancing on it like 3 days later. My dance teacher taped it all up with KT Tape and that helped a little bit. KT Tape works except it did not really stick very well to my skin or support it a lot.

I hope you like this format of a blogpost. If I have time I might do some random posts here and there in-between months but I think that this is really going to work for me and make me be able to post without being pressured for time to do so.

⭐ Stella ⭐