Sunday, November 3, 2013

Injury Recovery

Hey so I thought I would tell you about my injury recovery and what I do even if it is a small injury.
1) I ice it, I have a cold pack that is flexible and I use a scarf to tie it around the area.
2) I use a TON of arnica. Arnica is a natural gel that soothes bruising or swellings and it really works.
3) I use Icy Hot or Tiger Balm and put it on to make it feel better when I can't ice.
4) I stay off of it. This rule is hard for me to follow myself. For us, being dancers, it is really hard for use to NOT dance. But give it time to heal properly and don't rush back to dance if you are really injured. What helps me is to put something on that area to remind me not to use it. For example I just sprained my ankle, I wore my splint at dance so I couldn't try to dance even if I wanted to. As it healed and I didn't need the splint I am now putting a one leg warmer on it. This makes if feel different that the other leg and I won't use it as much.

These are just my tips on what I do to help me recover.
Also eating better and sleep are just tips that you should be doing always but they do help speed up recovery.
Hope this helped you guys :)

⭐ Stella ⭐