Monday, October 28, 2013

:/ Nervous /:

Hey so my ankle still hurts from being sprained but I have the Nutcracker photoshoot tomorrow that I supposed to be in for Due Drop. The photoshoot is on pointe and I am super nervous about it since it still kinda hurts to do much. Hopefully it will all be ok, its not like a huge dance photoshoot it is more just pictures of us in tutus and pointe shoes so it won't be to straining on my ankle.

⭐ Stella ⭐

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sprained Ankle

Hey guys so on Wednesday I sprained my ankle in dance class. I was doing a small jump and landed on my ankle rolled. The thing is it didn't hurt much when I did it and I iced it for a while but then I got up and marked the dance for a performance. It hurt more on Thursday at school and after I went to the Urgent Care because no other doctors were available. I got x-rays and it was just a sprain but I'm out of dance for about a week-ish. I have a splint for it and I am taking it easy. There is a nutcracker photo shoot on Tuesday that I was supposed to be apart of but idk if I can now. I really want to be in it but I will have to put on pointe shoes and go on pointe and idk if I will be able to. The main message in this blog post is to be carful and not to over do yourself.

⭐ Stella ⭐

Sunday, October 13, 2013


So I have a blister on my pinky toe right now and I am going to tell you what I do when I get a blister
First: I soak my feet in epson salt with is a soothing salt that makes you feet feel amazing after pointe and it will dry out you blister a little bit. If I don't have epson salt I will do an ice bath.
Second: If it isn't that bad I will rube rubbing alcohol on it so it dies it out. I only do this if it is not too deep because that can STING!
Third: The next time I have to do pointe and I have a blister I will put New-Skin on it. This will also sting if it is open deep enough but it adds a layer on top of your skin and prevents it from getting worse.

Sometimes I will tape my toes but that is really rare. My teacher doesn't like us to take our toes she wants us to get callaces and build up our feet and thats what I try to do instead of taping them.
Hopes this helps you guys if you get a blister :)

⭐ Stella ⭐

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hair Accessories

So one thing that I am obsessed with is wearing bows and flowers in my hair at dance. My hair just doesn't feel complete without something in my hair. I like wearing hair stuff because it makes your outfit more unique and different than everyone without being distracting. I wear a ton of flowers from discount dance or forever 21. Also I have a bunch of handmade bows that I bought. I wear ribbons sometimes but mainly just bows and flowers.
Ok this was my Sunday Funday first post and I hope you all like it and have a amazing beginning to your week.

⭐ Stella ⭐

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So today I actually missed one of my dance classes for school work!
I NEVER MISS DANCE like EVER! I have a test tomorrow in AP History and an in-class essay in AP English and a quiz in Pre-Calculus and possibly a quiz in Honors Biology and i'm kinda stressed. I wish I could concentrate more on dance but school gets in the way sometimes. It is so hard to find time to do everything and have fun being a teenager. Well 8 weeks till Thanksgiving and then a few weeks then Nutcracker and Christmas Break.
Hope everyone is doing well!

⭐ Stella ⭐