Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Water vs. Pointe Shoes

Today my water bottle spilled on the floor and my pointe shoes were on the ground and the box and a little bit of the shank got wet. These were brand new so I was kinda upset but it was alright. I wore them anyways today and they felt different and weird. I got 4 pairs of new shoes for my summer intensive and I was going to break this pair in before I went so this will just be my back-up pair. I still have my pair that I am using right now and going to wear for my recital this weekend so it will all be alright. I will right a blog post on it soon.

The water with the pointe shoes messes with the glue. The water loosens the glue and it just made my shoes feel weird. I have a hard shank in Russian Pointe Shoes and the water made it feel like a Flexible Medium shank and just now a supportive than they usually do.

Hope this blog post helps you if you ever spill water on your shoes. Water can help if you put a little bit on the sides if they are too tight like by your toes around the box. It can help but just be carful.

⭐ Stella ⭐

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